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Cloud Backup

Businesses of all sizes need efficient data protection that makes recovery secure, fast, and reliable in case of an unforeseen event. While it is important for every company to back up their data, protecting it off-site can make all of the difference in the case of a disaster. A durable cloud backup and disaster recovery solution will help ensure that a business can quickly get back to work after a disaster to avoid losing time, data, and perhaps more importantly money.

Failure events can happen at your home or office and your data could be gone forever. Natural and human disasters such as a power outage, server failure, fire, earthquake, or flood can happen when you least expect it. Having a disaster happen in your home or business has a very low-probability, but very high consequences.

Cloud backup is a strategy for protecting data that involves sending a copy of the data over a private or public network to an off-site server and storage. That way if disaster happens, your data is safe elsewhere. The server is usually a third-party service provider, who then charges the customer a fee for services.

Third-party cloud backup is becoming more popular with small businesses and home users because of its flexibility and convenience as well as its low cost and peace of mind. Most service providers ensure that protecting your data in the cloud is super simple and automatic with minimal interaction for a stress-free option.

With real-time cloud backup services you are able to restore moments before the disaster happened and your data is immediately sent off-premise in only a matter of minutes. For most business owners their disaster recovery plan is to have their data off-site, but to also be able to restore and run entire services and applications off-site as well.

Many small business owners don’t realize how important it is to protect their data until disaster strikes. Having a solid disaster recovery plan in place is crucial while considering cloud backup services.