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Ad Block

Ad block, or the oncept of blocking ads from showing in your browser, is growing rapidly worldwide. There are close to 200 million internet users actively using some form of ad block application when going online.

Consumers are more likely to block ads with concerns that websites are using personal data and that the ads are becoming very frequent and annoying. While corporate IT administrators, share the same concerns as consumers, they also care about network bandwidth utilization and security.

Website administrators have created/installed software to detect whether a visitor is using a blocker and in return send a message or even forbid you to enter their website. Today theremay be several websites that are not allowing users with ad blockers to enter their websites, in the future this number is expected to grow substantially. Forbes is just one example where it is able to detect if using an ad blocker. If so, you are greeted with a welcome screen that asks you to turn off your ad blocker in order to continue to view the content of their website.

Currently, digital advertising is a 60 billion dollar a year business in the United States. With ad blocking becoming increasing popular, more than 25 percent of the population has ad blockers. The industry claims they are losing money as a direct result of this growth.

The loss of revenue has been large enough that even YouTube is beginning to offer an ad-free version of its site to paying subscribers. FairBlocker, another company which started in February has a subscription that allows users to pay to see the content they want without ads.

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