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Business Continuity

A business continuity plan is a company’s preparation for unforeseen risks and interruptions. It involves devising a plan by defining potential risks and implementing procedures and safeguards in the event of a disruption. Although odds are low of having a fire, epidemic sickness or system crash, the truth is accidents and disasters do happen. A business continuity plan is vital so you are able to recover quickly and effectively so your organization can continue operations.

Disaster recovery is the process of saving data, preferably offsite, so you are able with able to recover it in the event of a disaster. Disaster recovery planning is a key part of an overall business continuity plan and strategy.

For example, your company sells medical equipment for terminally ill consumers. The sales and shipping department are in the same building. A fire hits and destroys everything in this building. Where will your sales reps make their calls from and where will your employees ship from? Is there a recovery site that they could relocate to. Determining how those risks will affect operations ultimately determines the level of readiness required in the case of a disaster. In the event of a disruption, having a plan provides stability and continuity of your primary responsibilities.

Most organizations review a business continuity plan a few times a year to make sure that it is up to date. Let Metiix help you understand your business continuity options.