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Some computers offer an option that combines sleep mode and powering down your computer called “Hibernate.” Hibernating means your computer is off and not just sleeping.

Hibernation mode powers down your computer while retaining its state. In this mode, the computer saves random access memory (RAM) to the hard drive or other storage system before shutting down the system. This includes open documents and running applications. When turning your computer back on, the system resumes exactly as it was before hibernation.

Hibernation avoids the hassle of saving unsaved data before shutting down your system.

HIbernation is a power saving technique, primarily for laptops, that may have a limited battery power, in which hibernation can be set to happen on a low battery alarm or automatically. Of all the power saving states, hibernation uses the least amount of power since the hardware is powered down like a regular shut down. This is good to use if you won’t be using your laptop or computer for an extended period of time and don’t want to close your documents or programs.

Most desktops support hibernation, mainly to save on electrical power as well as less wear and tear on your computers moving parts.

You can find the hibernate mode in the power menu of the settings charm, or in the shutdown window which is on the left hand corner of the screen press start.

Most computers can be awakened by pressing on the power button or simply lifting your laptop’s lid.