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Ad Blocking

Ad blocking has been around on the desktop browsers for several years now. Beginning in 2015 this technology has went mobile. Although, not everyone is happy, as referenced recently when Google removed the Samsung ad blocking app from Google Play store. This app had racked up more than 50,000 downloads and was one of the top downloads of the play store.

Ad blocking is a technology which blocks ads before they are loaded by the web browser. Ad blockers are applications that remove all or alter some of the advertisments on a web page. Some applications eliminate all ads where as some others block things that could compromise a user’s privacy. When ads are tracking your activity through a third-party, they are able to track exactly what you are looking at online as well as how long you are spending on websites. This information can be sold to marketers.

Performance is a big benefit for using an ad blocker. There are dozens of ads on a page making your browser loading time drastically slower. Not only will an ad blocker increase load times, it will also improve battery life and less likely to crash due to overload.

Another benefit is protecting your security and privacy. Users are getting infected with viruses and malware. Ad networks can track and collect information about a users activity and pages they have visited. The software prevents third-party tracking. You should be able to browse the web privately without being monitored and watched.

Metiix has been working on blocking ads for its customer for quite a while and has recently released Metiix Blockade, a DNS-based ad blocking software for your entire network.