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Low Disk Space Warning

A low disk space error occurs when the hard drive partition is low on free space. The pop-up error message warning appears each time Windows is open and will alert you when your computer is running low, or out of, depending on where you set the thresholds. You will receive this message every few seconds you are working on the computer until the situation is fixed.

Low disk space may cause noticeable slower performance, program and system freezes, hardware failures, files will not save just to name a few issues. In order to have our computer system properly function, it needs a minimum amount of disk space on the system drive.

In order to restructure your space you can try the following:

  • Run Disk Cleanup. This tool removes removes a variety of system files and your Recycle Bin.
  • Delete files or folders you no longer need
  • Archive old files to CD or DVD
  • Run a Disk defragment on your hard disk

Metiix offers a free disk space monitoring tool called Metiix Drift. Contact us to learn more about its benefits.