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Disk Space Monitoring

With todays highly complex environments, it is critical to track free disk space. Running out of disk space can result in lost data, downtime, degraded performance, failed application, corruption, and is a big pain to deal with. Server disk space is a critical resource that must be monitored closely to prevent a crisis.

A disk monitoring application should be in place to prevent data loss or outages. Third-party disk space monitoring applications allow for IT administrators to keep track of how much space your files are taking up. Most providers offer this tool for free. The tool is able to keep track of disk usage across your network and alert you when you are running below your specific space thresholds. You are able to decide how often you want the software to check available free space as well as how often you want to receive alerts. This system can be configured and installed easily with no propriety hardware required and you can run it on multiple servers.

There are few things you can do to free up some disk space in the meantime. Run a maintenance disk cleanup. This is probably one of the easiest ways to free up space. The disk cleanup tool comes installed on most Windows computers. Disk cleanup is a tool that reduce the number of unnecessary files on your hard diskwill reduce unnecessary files on your hard disk that you longer use or need. This utility removes the number of temporary files as well as a variety of files that are unimportant

Disk cleanup also empties your Recycle bin. It is amazing how much stuff we can inadvertently collect in our Recycle bin over time that takes up space.

A couple other things to consider: - Uninstall old programs and delete past restore point. - Delete video and image files you no longer need. If you still do want to store them, an option would be to archive them to CD or DVD.

Metiix Drift is a free service that allows IT adminstrators to monitoring their disk space across all of their devices. Contact us to learn more!