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Data Privacy

Data privacy is the aspect of information technology that concerns the collection and protection of private information about individuals or organizations, in which they determine what data in a computer system can be shared with third-parties. Cloud data privacy issues are concerns for companies either moving towards or who are already using the cloud.

Cloud data privacy laws differ considerably among countries. While the United States has very harsh laws with HIPAA or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Germany has one of the most strict policies in the world.

  • Make sure you trust who is protecting your data, the fewer copies you have, the easier it is to protect.
  • When you outsource any of your data make sure they are a secure, reliable company.
  • Encrypt your data. Encrypted data is considered secure and private.
  • Provide a solid firewall so you can prevent others from accessing your data.
  • Keep your passwords strong to prevent unauthorized parties to gain access to your servers. Make sure to have strong passwords on all your computers and laptops as well as ensuring that they are modified regularly.
  • If using financial data, use secure connection for receiving and transmitting credit card information (SSL)
  • Be careful what you or your employees download to your computer
  • Keep your anti-virus software in place and updated.

Metiix helps companies ensure that their data remains private and within compliance using physical safegaurds, encryption, and zero-knowledge practices. Contact us to find out more.