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Choosing a Backup Service

What do you need to look for in choosing a good backup service? It is important to protect your company from human error, software corruption or even a disaster which can cause data loss.

When choosing a backup solution provider, you have many things to consider. First, you should evaluate your storage needs. Consider the amount of data you have and the expectation of how much data your business will need.

Look for providers that with pricing plans that meet your organization’s needs. Some service providers charge per unit of data while others charge per device that is being backed up; often times combining both to meet your needs. Many service providers allow for unlimited backup at a fixed price. Providers also have yearly or biannual plans, but monthly is typically an option.

Security is another important factor when choosing a provider. Make sure they have top-notch encryption. Encryption ensures that your data is safe, and allows for zero-knowledge by the provider.

Customer service also plays a factor. Many providers boast 24/7 backup support. Alerts are sent via email bringing issues/problems with your servers to your attention right away. Some even provide extra services such as free disk space monitoring.

Metiix excels in customer satisfaction regarding all of these attributes. Lets us show you!